Two Wheeler Insurance

It’s a known fact that two wheelers are way more vulnerable to road accidents than other vehicles. A two wheeler insurance policy is essentially an agreement between an insurance company and an individual wherein the insurer covers any damages incurred by the two wheeler in case of an accident, natural disasters or theft. Comprehensive Two wheeler insurance policy is a must to ensure continued protection of your bike/scooter from accidents and other dangers. It also provides security to the policy holder against a wide range of natural and man-made calamities. It also protects the vehicle against damages incurred due to unforeseen situations like theft, personal accident, third party liability etc. 

Key Features:

  • Your Two wheeler insurance policy provides coverage in the event of a collision.
  • It gives you coverage for damage that doesn’t result from a collision
  • Your motorcycle policy offers liability protection.
  • You’ll have coverage even if a driver you collide with does not have one.
  • Motorcycle insurance policies are affordable and flexible. 

Importance of Two Wheeler Insurance in India:

Riding your bike without a valid two-wheeler insurance plan is considered illegal. Two-wheeler insurance policies are designed in such a way that it covers financial loss due to unfortunate events and accidents that could damage the insured two-wheeler, or bodily injuries to the rider, the pillion, or pedestrians, or damages done by the vehicle to the property of a third party. With a proper bike insurance policy in place:

  1.  You will be free of financial stress: In case your vehicle is damaged or stolen, you won’t have to worry about the costs incurred in fixing it or replacing it as the insurance company will take care of it or you.
    2.    You will have legal protection: Considering the fact that it is compulsory to have an insurance policy in place when riding on Indian roads, carrying a copy of your insurance policy will ensure that you will be legally protected against paying fines or penalties to the police.
    3.    You will receive a personal accident cover: If you are insured, the insurance company will cover you for up to Rs.1 lakh in case you suffer total permanent disability. In case of untimely demise, Insurance company will pay your family the sum assured as per the policy terms and conditions. 
    4.    You will be able to enjoy benefits like No Claim Bonus.