Micelleneous Insurance

What is a Tractor Insurance?
A tractor insurance is a  insurance policy designed to protect your tractor from any unforeseen damages and losses that could occur due to instances such as accidents, collisions, natural calamities, fires or even thefts.

While a third-party liability policy for tractors only covers for damages to a third-party, a comprehensive insurance for tractors also covers for own damages and losses thus protecting you and your business from untowardly incidences. 

 Why should I buy a Tractor Insurance?

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, a third party liability tractor insurance is a must if you or your organization uses a tractor or multiple tractors for your daily business operations,  This financially covers you or your business from any losses and damages caused to a third-party due to a tractor.

All businesses are prone to risks both big and small. However, if you are an asset-heavy business with several tractors being used for business operations, then getting tractor insurance is the bare minimum you can do to protect all your tractors from own damages and losses to the tractor and the driver-owner itself.  

Insuring your tractor ensures that you are protected  against unforeseen instances like natural calamities, and fires thus preventing any kind of business downtime.